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Places of worship


As an international town, Kongsberg and the surrounding County of Buskerud are hosts for great cultural and religious diversity. There are numerous religious communities within the local geographical area.

Den Norske kirke –The Church of Norway
Pinsemenighet Betania – Pentecostal Church.
Kongsberg bibelsenter – Kongsberg Bible Centre
Metodistkirken i Norge Kongsberg – Methodist church in Kongsberg
Metodistkirken i Norge Hvittingfoss – Methodist church in Hvittingfoss
Jehovas vitner – Jehova’s Witnesses
Den Evangeliske Lutherske Frikirke Kongsberg Menigheter – Lutherian Evangelical independent church
Norkirken Kongsberg 
Kongsberg misjonsmenighet – Missionary Church
Sandsvær baptistmenighet – Baptist Church

Kongsberg Islamsk kultursenter – Kongsberg Islamic culture centre
Humanetisk Forbund Kongsberg og Numedal – Kongsberg and Numedal Humanist Association.