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Kongsberg has 32 kindergartens; 8 public and 24 private. The government set a maximum price for placements, including both those that are public- and privately run. The current price for 2014 is 2 405 nok/month (lunches are sometimes provided and may be charged extra). Kongsberg has a wide offering, including traditional kintergartens, Montesorri kintergartens, open-air kindergartens and also an international kindergarten.

List of kindergartens in Kongsberg:

Go to list of public kindergartens on Kongsberg Kommune website
Go to list of private kindergartens on Kongsberg Kommune website

Note! To apply for nursery placement, you must fill in an online application form on the Kongsberg Kommune (municipality) website.


Not only do school leavers in Kongsberg out-score the national average, but they do so in multiple subjects too! Results from the leaving exams in year 10, which is the final year of Norwegian primary education, showed that children in Kongsberg excelled in many subjects, including Norwegian, religion and ethics, natural sciences and in social studies.

There are 10 years of compulsory education in Norway, and these are divided into two main parts. Children start school in the August of the year they turn six, and all public primary/lower secondary education is free. The first seven years of compulsary education (years 1-7) take place at the “Barneskole” (primary school). The next three years take place at the “Ungdomskole” (lower secondary school); and these are referred to as years 8-10.

There are 9 barneskoler and 3 ungdomskoler in Kongsberg. Also, Kongsberg has an International School which is based upon the Baccalaureate Programme, with English as their primary language. In Hvittingfoss there is also a combined barne-/ungdomskole.

– Go to list of schools in Kongsberg.
– Go to Kongsberg International School website

Note! Pupils attending primary or lower secondary school who have a first language other than Norwegian or Sami are entitled to special language tuition. This right applies until the child is sufficiently proficient in Norwegian to follow normal teaching at the school.

Play parks

There are many places in Kongsberg for children to play, both in the town centre and in the residential areas. In Magasinparken, the park situated in the centre of town alongside the Lågen river, there is a play park with climbing frames, swings, slides and many other play activities for children to play on. Also, the kindergarten outdoor areas are open for the public to enjoy outside opening hours.

– Go to list of public play parks in Kongsberg
There are numerous privately managed play parks that are also open to the public too, looked after by for example some housing estates.

Barnas Hus
Barnas Hus is a combined kindergarten and in-door play park (under parental supervision) for the ages 0-6 years old.
– Go to Barnas Hus website