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The College of Kongsberg (KVS) offers 11 different study programs that cater to a total of 1300 students each year. The numerous campuses are staffed by 275 dedicated employees, all of them striving to create the best possible studying environment to facilitate high quality learning for the college’s students.

KVS is divided into two main sub-groups; the academic programs and the vocational programs. The college’s Tinius Olsen campus is the only school in Norway to offer professional watchmaking training! The five college campuses are Maurits Hansen, Tinius Olsen, Flåtaløkka, Saggrenda and Kongsgårdsmoen.

The IB study program available at KVS leads to the renowned «International Baccalaureate Diploma”, which is accepted by universities all over the world.

Go to College of Kongsberg (KVS) website to learn more about the study programs