The Good Life – What is it?

Quality of life is about feeling that you live a good life and in Kongsberg you are able to find what you need to do just that. Kongsberg has good health services with various services from both hospitals, municipalities and the private health sector. With short distances and proximity to everything, more time for family and friends, and a safe environment for children and young people to grow up in, you are definitely on the right path to the good life!

Training Centers in Kongsberg 

Kongsberg has a large and varied offering of places to workout for those who want to train inside.

Kongsberg Hall

Kongsberg Hall is the sports hall in Kongsberg. Various sports activities take place here all year round. In total, we have 10,500 m2 for all different types of activities. The city’s largest ball court, as well as the ice hockey arena can be found here. In addition, there are other activity rooms where, among other things, dance, judo, tennis, squash and bowling take place.

Kongsberg Hall Website

Sports – and Swimming Hall 

Kongsberg Sports and Swimming Hall has a 25×12.5 meter swimming pool, ball hall and fitness center.

Kongsberg Sports and Swimming Hall Website

Kongsberg Hospital

Kongsberg Hospital is one of four somatic hospitals in Vestre Viken. The hospital has specialists in orthopedics, gynecology, and internal medicine. We also offer services in general surgery, oncology and urology. Our patients come mainly from Kongsberg and Numedal. We want to provide good medical care to the patients we treat.

Kongsberg Hospital Website

Warm Water Training in Kongsberg 

For those with back, muscle or skeletal problems, Kongsberg Rheumatism Association offers organized hot water training in the pool at Skinnarberga.

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Foto: Lilly Christin S.Persson/Laagendalsposten

Municipal Services 

Kongsberg municipality offers a wide and varied range of services to its inhabitants throughout life. See the municipality’s own website for an overview of the services.

Kongsberg Municipality Website