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In The City of Technology, Kongsberg

Activity Park & Mini Golf

Activity park and a small mini golf course by Glade Kongsberg.

Bicycle Through Kongsberg

There are many great biking opportunities in and around Kongsberg.


Lucky Bowl in Kongsberg - Burger & Bowling


Kongsberg has many beautiful mountain lakes and rivers for both short and long canoe trips.


Movies are best at Krona Cinema! Relax your shoulders and watch some exciting films with us.

Cross Country Skiing

The City of Skiing, Kongsberg, has a wide variety of well-prepared ski trails.

E – Sports

King of the Hill is an e-sport center for everyone in Kongsberg.


There are many great fishing opportunities in Kongsberg.

Football Golf

Try something completely new and play a round of football golf this summer!

Go – Cart

At Basserudåsen Motor Center in Kongsberg, go-cart rentals are available. Speed, excitement and lots of fun for young and old!


Magnificently located by the Numedal river with a view of the mountains around Kongsberg you will find Kongsberg Golf Course.

High & Low Activity Park Vestfold

50 minutes from Kongsberg, towards Vestfold, you will find a versatile activity park for all ages.


Kongsberg and the surrounding areas offer beautiful nature and fantastic opportunities for hiking.

Historical Walks of Gruveåsen

Gruveåsen is full of exciting cultural monuments and great walks for the whole family.

Kongsberg Culture School

The cultural school aims to provide all children and young people, who want it, with an education in aesthetic subjects and to be a musical competency center in the city.

Kongsberg Library

Kongsberg library is a public library that provides services for all residents and visitors in Kongsberg.

Kongsberg Open Church

Kongsberg Church was completed in 1761 and is the largest baroque church in Norway. Enjoy the beautiful interior while the church is open for visitors during the summer.

Kongsberg Science Center

Kongsberg Science Center has exciting opportunities for children and young people who want to know more about science and technology.

Kongsberg Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Kongsberg is 12.5 meters wide x 25 meters long with a wide variety of activities for all age groups.

Langedrag Nature Park

Langedrag is a nature park and mountain farm with 350 animals divided into 25 different species.


Kongsberg Paddle Club offers a wide range of paddling opportunities.

Playgrounds for Children

Kongsberg has a number of nice playgrounds for children, both in the city center and the surrounding areas.

Pop – Up Museum

The Norwegian Mining Museum takes the museum around Kongsberg. Join the pop-up museum this summer!

Rent a Bicycle

Electric and ordinary trail bikes are available to rent

RiPPit Activity Park

Stay reasonably and experience more of everything the city has to offer with cultural, historical and sporting activities for both big and small adventurers.

Skating and Ice Rinks

Indoor ice rink and many outdoor skating rinks.

Skattekista Lampeland

Skattekista Lampeland is built of solid wood and contains a school, sports hall, swimming pool, library and heart room.

Ski resort

The ski resort in Kongsberg has slopes that invite lots of skiing fun for everyone. Long slopes and a separate family area.


Quality Hotel Grand Kongsberg has a beautiful spa with a unique interior inspired by Kongsberg's many mines.

Swimming Places

Here you will find six nice and child-friendly swimming places in Kongsberg Municipality.

Take a Tour In to the Silver Mines

Experience the silver mines on foot. Join an exciting tour 800 meters into the heart of the mines.

The Best Hikes Around Kongsberg

Kongsberg offers great short-distance summit hiking opportunities in the areas around Kongsberg.

Trail Cycling

Kongsberg offers a fantastic range of opportunities for trail biking. Guided tours and courses are available or you can cycle by yourslef.

Trolley’s on the Numedal Rarilroad Track

At Veggli Vertshus you can rent trolleys and cycle the now disused Numedal railroad track from Veggli to Rødberg.

What's Happening Calendar

Here you will find everything big and small that happens in Kongsberg.

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