The University City and The City of Technology

Study in Kongsberg

Kongsberg has a state-of-the-art university right in the middle of town, with students from all over the world, fantastic nature and culture and high-tech companies close by.

Foto: Tine Poppe

Why Should You Study in Kongsberg?

The educational institutions and technology companies in Kongsberg have a unique working relationship. The University of South – East Norway, Tinius Olsen vocational school and the upper secondary schools offer a rich and diverse opportunity fitting for the needs of the business community. Norway’s only master’s program in Systems Engineering, Europe’s best program for industrial digitization and Norway’s only optometry and watchmaker education are some of the opportunities that make The City of Technology, Kongsberg, a unique place to study.

A Unique Collaboration With the Business Community

The university, vocational school, high school and kindergartens have a unique collaboration with the business community. Technology companies and schools work together in different subject areas, competency needs and continuing education. This collaboration is called Kongsbergskolen and aims to motivate students to become curious and fascinated by the possibilities of science.