A State-Of-The-Art School

Kongsberg School

Kongsberg is Norway’s foremost technology city. Our industry is a world-class brain power plant and the foundation of our development. That is why we must also have a state-of-the-art school!

In close collaboration between business and education, we will through the project, Kongsbergskolen (Kongsberg School), create a completely unique school – It will offer an innovative and comprehensive educational with a focus on science, technology and innovation. Kongsbergskolen will motivate students to become curious and fascinated by the possibilities of science subjects.

Kongsbergskolen is a collaboration between Viken County Municipality, Kongsberg Municipality, University of Southeast Norway, the industrial companies in Kongsberg and Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce.

Kongsbergskolen is not a physical school but a collaboration between all the educational entities in Kongsberg and the local business community, coordinated by Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce. The goal is to create a good transition between the levels of education and to strengthen cooperation with businesses in order to get more students to make the right choice, with a special focus on science, technology and innovation / entrepreneurship. Competence is viewed as a lifelong learning perspective and thus continuing and further education is also a goal of Kongsbergskolen.

There are many different measures and activities that are used to achieve these goals. Events such as the school program during the annual Technology Days focuses on exciting and different science activities. New forms of collaboration, areas of study, and digital teaching aids are other initiatives made visible through the Augmented Reality project to find out early on how students and employees can use new technology to acquire knowledge and competence.

Want to know more about Kongsbergskolen? Contact Wivi-Ann Bamrud (tel. 452 77 010) at Kongsberg Næringsforum SA.