Industry 4.0

Now we can offer 9 new courses to those who want to strengthen their skills with knowledge that is very relevant for Industry 4.0, and the coming future we know it will bring. You can even complete the courses while you receive support from NAV (the Norwegian labour- and welfare administration).


While the machines are going to take over many earlier functions, people will increasingly have to assure that this proceeds properly. Tomorrow´ s employees will therefore need  better competence concerning the work procedures connected to what happens before, and after the actual production. Industry 4.0 deals with the digital development in the industry – a development that will require completely new forms of corporation between machines and humans. Industrial Pilot Kongsberg is a project that wants to create possibilities and development for all people with connections to Kongsberg, so that the city will stand together to prepare for the future. The project´s overall goal is to assure existing jobs, create growth, and develop new skills, as well as strengthen Norwegian industry through adjustments to tomorrow’s solutions.

This is a golden opportunity to increase your skills, and become even more relevant in the job market. The courses are funded by Competence Norway (Kompetanse Norge), and thus free to attend.

Course overview

You’ll find a description of the courses down below – and you are of course welcome to contact us, if you have any questions. We hope you will join the journey!

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