The City of Technology Seizes Opportunities

We have a diverse business community with exciting career opportunities in an international environment. Proximity to and good communication with the capital provides the opportunity to enjoy the good life in a small city in combination with the big city activities.

By settling in Kongsberg, you get a full package for an active and exciting life for you and your family.

Kongsberg has a world-class technology industry that is an important foundation for the entire Kongsberg community as well as of great national importance. Kongsberg is one of 12 Norwegian business environments that have been awarded status as a center of excellence, with their expertise in Systems Engineering.

Kongsberg has adopted ambitious municipal plans that extend until 2030. These include plans and ideas for how the city will grow. A dense and unified city with a vibrant and active center is planned. Steps are being taken to develop an environmentally friendly city with energy-friendly modes of transport. The city’s new silver is green engineering. The industry is now investing heavily in technology within renewable energy and electrification of the car fleet, and which can make new major contributions to Kongsbergindustrien’s social value creation.

Nature, culture and technology make Kongsberg a city of opportunities.


Photo: Akari AS

Industrial History

Kongsberg has a strong historical identity and has played a central role in Norwegian mining and industrial history for almost 400 years. Kongsberg was the country’s second largest city in the 18th century (after Bergen) and has since the 19th century been a locomotive in the development of technologically advanced industry.

The City of Skiing - Kongsberg

We can boast a great ski history and great achievements in ski jumping. Such achievements have been a positive force in society that has helped to strengthen both Kongsberg and Norway’s national feeling. Today, this has taken care of Kongsberg’s museums, tourist attractions and the forerunner of an advanced high-tech business and knowledge environment.

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