Replace a Cramped Apartment in the Big City With a Villa in Kongsberg

Small City Qualities

Short distances. More time. A better life.

In Kongsberg you can walk to work in 15 minutes. There is clean water, clean air and beautiful nature close by. With proximity to everything, the time squeeze disappears. You get better time for family and friends and children can grow up in a safe and good environment. Unique leisure offer in Norway’s best cultural municipality. Kongsberg municipality has modern schools and kindergartens with available places . We are the ready to receive you and your family.

More House for the Money

Do you want more space for you and your family? Do you need more bedrooms or a garden? In Kongsberg, you get twice as many square meters for the money compared to central areas around Oslo.

We Have the Home for You

Do you want an apartment in the city center, a villa near the city or a little more rural. In Kongsberg, there is a large selection of homes adapted to all target groups. Maybe you want land to build yourself?

Houses for sale in Kongsberg
Land for sale in Kongsberg

Contact Kongsberg Municipality  for guidance in construction matters.


We Also Have a Job for You

The City of Technology needs hundreds of people!