Kongsberg Church

Kongsberg Church was completed in 1761 and is the largest baroque church in Norway.

Norway’s Largest Baroque Church

Kongsberg church is the largest baroque church in Norway and has a simple exterior, but a very rich rococo interior. The chandeliers were produced at Nøstetangen Glasværk in Hokksund in the second half of the 1700s and are among the largest, most beautiful and richest designed glass chandeliers in the Nordic countries. Above the chandeliers towers the majestic Gloger organ built by Gottfried Heinrich Gloger.

The church was one of the electoral churches in 1814 and visits to our beautiful church are free. It is also possible to book a tour with one of the church’s skilled guides. If you would like to visit the church during an event, check out our calendar.
Opening hours for the church can be found here.